Step into Orofino`s friendly, small town atmosphere where people regularly say "Hi", even if they don`t know you and there is something to do 365 days a year.  The  Riverside Motel, Orofino`s fishing lodge, is a short drive from shopping and restaurants, a city park, movie theatre, library and museum and so much more.

Outdoor Recreation

Springs spills are common at Dworshak Reservoir

Clearwater Country`s four distinct seasons and natural surroundings open an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, whatever time of year it is. Winter brings lots of snow in the high country for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Spring with its new life offers beautiful wildflowers, edible mushrooms and glimpses of new wild babies. With late spring and summer, hiking trails and other backcountry adventures open up. The contrast of changing leaves heralds fall with a variety of hunting seasons, the beginning of the fall Steelhead runs and of course Clearwater County Fair and Orofino Lumberjack Days.

Two public golf courses are within easy driving distance for those who enjoy the game.

Each year, wild and hatchery Steelhead and Chinook Salmon swim their way home from the Pacific Ocean up the Clearwater to the streams and national or state hatcheries where they were spawned to complete the life cycle of these mighty anadromous fish. Anglers from across the United States and foreign lands come to try their hand at catching the "Big One". Local anglers have their favorite methods and professional guides are available. Oh, the fish stories you will hear and they are true, at least pretty much. But even better is the grin on the face of one who has found success.

Keep your eyes open for the wild turkeys and whitetail deer that are often along or crossing roadways. If your timing is right, you may see elk, moose and other big game in the timber or open fields. Predators are also frequent visitors as they track their prey. Area hunters enjoy seasons for turkey, deer, grouse and other game birds, as well as deer, elk, moose, bear and cougar.

Bald eagles, osprey, heron and other bird species wing through the skies and nest along the Clearwater River and around Dworshak Reservoir.Dugout canoe on display at Canoe Camp National Historical Park Bass, trout and Kokanee Salmon fishing is open year-round on Dworshak Reservoir. The 51-mile length provides ample space for boating, water skiing, canoeing, swimming and other water recreation. During the summer, the Clearwater River is a favorite place to swim, raft or fish. Maybe, you will choose to just relax on one of its beaches.

Displays, tours and videos at Dworshak Dam Visitor`s Center help visitors learn about the history of the area as well as the construction of the structure that has so changed the course of the North Fork of the Clearwater River.


The Clearwater is a region rich in history from the Nez Perce Indians and Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery to miners, loggers and those who have come to enjoy the lifestyle in the county and build it with their talents and efforts.

Clearwater Historical Museum, located in Orofino highlights the history of the region. Hilltop Heritage Museum is located in Weippe and features the heritage of the Weippe and Fraser areas. The J. Howard Bradbury Logging Museum is on the main street of Pierce. It celebrates the county`s logging history. Also, visit "Proud Heritage Plaza" just north of the Orofino Bridge across the Clearwater River and Orofino newest park, Clearwater Crossing about 1/2 mile west of the Orofino Bridge across the Clearwater River.

Musician strums a guitar at the Camas Festival

Culture & Arts

Organizations such as Orofino Regional Council on the Arts and Community Concert Series arrange musical performances in a wide variety of styles. These two organizations work each year to bring the highest quality entertainers to the county. Schools, churches and local artists round out the possibilities.

Many skilled artisans and crafters call Clearwater Country home. Their talents in quilting, painting, wood carving, textile arts, specialty furniture construction, beading and tatting are available at Clearwater Arts and Crafts Gallery in Orofino or at craft bazaars and special sales.


Community Events

Winter, spring, summer or fall in Clearwater Country you can find activities and community events. Just check the Orofino or Pierce/Weippe chamber calendars.


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