Explore Clearwater Steelhead Fishing at it’s Best

Few things in life compare to Clearwater River steelhead fishing and all that it has to offer. Amateurs as well as hard-core enthusiasts that love to fish will genuinely be delighted with the amazing Clearwater River Canyon and the Clearwater River Valley. When it comes to fishing at its best, few other areas in the country can come close. Best of all, those visiting the area have the option to stay at the highly desirable Riverside Motel that is just a short drive from Orofino’s restaurants, shopping, movies as well as parks and theaters. There is even a convenient museum as well as a library close to the motel. With so much to offer it is clear to see why the Riverside Motel is so popular today.


Any Rainbow Trout Longer Than 20 Inches


Well known throughout the country for some of the best fishing opportunities found anywhere in all the states, Clearwater steelhead fishing is an experience that should not be missed. There is ample opportunity to fish for huge rainbow trout. Always keep in mind that any rainbow trout longer than 20 inches that has an intact adipose fin is considered to be legally a steelhead. When this is indeed the case, any fish meeting these criteria must be released. The Endangered Species Act dictates under specific conditions when any Steelhead caught from the Clearwater River must be released back into the wild.


Unlimited Amount of Activities


Most impressively, some of these massive fish can easily approach 30 pounds in weight. The great news for anglers who catch this type of fish in Orofino is that the enjoyment of the experience will not soon be forgotten. The Riverside Motel is an incredibly inviting experience for friends, family and even business travelers. It is ideally situated right on US Highway 12 an All-American highway in Idaho and is the gateway to an unlimited amount of activities for those with varied interests. With so much to offer is clear to see where the Riverside Motel is such a popular destination today. Contact the Riverside Motel in Orofino today to learn more.


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