Motels In Orofino Idaho That Keep You Coming Back

When it comes to Orofino Idaho motels one choice of accommodations far exceeds expectations more so than any other place in the region. The Riverside Motel is the ideal choice for those who enjoy hunting and fishing as well as for family travelers looking to relax and enjoy natural beauty at its best. The Riverside Motel is well known for its hospitality, friendliness and welcoming atmosphere. With new management and now under new ownership, this motel with its impressive newly renovated rooms is simply hard to resist. Best of all, the motel is conveniently situated right on US Highway 12 one of the country’s true American roads.


Waterski On Crystal Clear Waters Of The Dworshak Reservoir


For mighty steelhead or salmon fishing, the Clearwater River is a likely choice. In addition, those looking to explore will find that they can retrace the Lewis and Clark Trail or simply waterski on the crystal clear waters of the Dworshak Reservoir. The Riverside Motel promises a comfortable and restful sleep every single time. It is truly a home away from home for those wishing to get to know Orofino Idaho better. When it comes to motels in Orofino, this is one that clearly will keep you coming back time and again. As a matter fact many visitors are indeed repeat visitors.


Spotting What Is Truly A Wonder Of Our Country


Imagine being able to stroll across the road to view the mighty B-Run steelhead roll as they make their way back to their spawning ground. This is an experience that will not soon be forgotten. As an added bonus, watching deer grazing right on the lawn, literally steps away, is always a welcome experience. Those with an eye to the sky may end up spotting what is truly a wonder of our country, the majestic bald Eagle as it hunts and glides gracefully down to capture a fish. With an abundance of activities and a friendly and welcoming motel right at your fingertips it’s hard to resist staying at the Clearwater River Valley motel of choice – The Riverside Motel. Call today or simply stop in and say hello and experience all that Orofino Idaho has to offer.


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