The Rich History of Clearwater County

Sep 24 2014


Riverside Motel resides in a beautiful area in Idaho filled with a rich history. We are located in Orofino, Idaho in Clearwater County. Clearwater County, Idaho was established 1911 after the beautiful Clearwater River that runs through it.

In 1805, a couple of guys--the famous Lewis and Clark; you may know them, traveled a Native American trail until they met up with the local tribe of Nez Perce. It was here that the famous duo camped out with the tribe until they recuperated from their arduous journey. The Nez Perce also helped them make canoes that they later traveled across the states in until they reached the Pacific Ocean in Oregon.

Another notable event in Clearwater County history, in 1860, Captain Elias D. Pierce discovered gold. Now our history really began to literally be “rich”. Thousands migrated to this humble territory (then Washington land) forcing a need for a central government. By 1963, Idaho was officially declared a territory and Lewiston was established as the first county seat.

Today, right here in Clearwater, Orofino stands as the current county seat and the County houses such wonderful attractions as the Dworshak Reservoir, Dworshak State Park, Dworshak National Fish Hatchery, and the Dworshak Dam, which is third highest dam in the U.S! Also nearby you can find the Bald Mountain Ski area, a staple Winter attraction for the residents and tourists in Clearwater County.

Clearwater continues to grow and change but still remains a humble and beautiful attraction to visitors and residents alike. A stay here in the motel offers an opportunity for a visitor to stay in comfort while being within short distance to all of the beautiful sites, events, attractions and history of Clearwater County, Idaho.

Kelly Creek River in Clearwater County Idaho


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